[xml] HTMLtree.c escapes braces

Hi Daniel,


We have had the issue that libxml2 encodes curly braces as character references in HTML output because of the following code in HTMLtree.c:


               escaped = xmlURIEscapeStr(tmp, BAD_CAST"@/:=?;#%&,+");

               if (escaped != NULL) {

                    xmlBufferWriteQuotedString(buf->buffer, escaped);


                } else {

                    xmlBufferWriteQuotedString(buf->buffer, value);



We don’t think the curly braces, “{“ and “}”, should be changed to character references.  Doing so causes a problem with the use of braces in a Server Response File (SRF) generated with libxml2.  We change the first line of the above code to:


               escaped = xmlURIEscapeStr(tmp, BAD_CAST"@/:=?;#%&,+{}");


to eliminate this issue.  Could this be accepted as a fix to libxml2?



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