Re: [xml] Continuous integration for libxml2?

On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 02:06:30PM +0100, David Drysdale wrote:
Hi folks,

  Hi David,

Does libxml2 have a continuous integration system running over it somewhere?

 Not that I know of :)
TBH the rate of changes is fairly slow, i.e. the code is mature (some
will call it overripe even !) and while there is bugs, compared to the
size of the system it's relatively small. 

I've recently been exploring continuous integration systems and I used
libxml2 as a guinea pig for getting various tools working in
combination.  Specifically, I've got a GitHub clone [1] of the repo
that links in with Travis [2]; once I added a few small local fixes
[3], I got the tests running on {gcc,clang} x {linux,osx} plus ASAN,
UBSAN and coverage [4] runs.

  The biggest issue I have is non-linux, I never use Windows or Macs
and I have zero clue that a change there could break the build or else.
There are mingw builds of libxml2 done within Red Hat but that's not
real Windows tests.

Looking at recent bugs, it seems like a couple of other people (Hugh
Davenport [5], Hanno Boeck [6]) have also been looking at
sanitizer-related things.

  Yes, I also get Coverity Scan reports about it.

So I wondered if the master libxml2 repo already has a continuous
build pointed at it (the Gnome continuous build system [7], maybe?),

  No not that know of

and, if so, whether it might be a good idea to turn on various
analysis tools to help catch future problems.


  Sure, the rate of changes is fairly slow though:

But getting a report if something breaks on commit there would be appreciated
as long as there is some logic to avoid pestering the list repeatedly with
the same issue. That was a very painful experience on the very early versions
of Coverity for example,



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