Re: [xml] Possible 64-bit issues in xml 2.9.2

On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 3:38 PM, Eric S. Eberhard <eric vicsmba com> wrote:
But I also found a /clr compiler switch which DOES allow a 64 bit application to call a 32 bit dll application ... with the implied assumption that the addressing will be taken care of:

I am pretty I did not "solve" your problem but I may have given you some leads ... both of those sites are over my Windows knowledge threshold.  But if you solve it I would be curious to know the answer :-)

It's not feasible to run libxml as a separate service, wrapped using COM to marshal calls to it.

This is not the sort of problem that is solvable with simple compiler switches or the like.  The libxml code is fundamentally buggy.  It makes assumptions that sizeof(long) >= sizeof(intptr_t), which is not guaranteed by the standard and is in fact violated in practice on 64-bit Windows builds.  The way to fix these is to change the code.


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