Re: [xml] node() xpath and entity ref nodes

On Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 05:18:18PM +0000, Vojtech Fried wrote:
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Ok, I am sorry. I didn't realize it is a problem. I can see it now.

There are no entity reference nodes in the XPath data model, see e.g.

But they are in libxml tree. It does not seem right to pretend to the xpath that they do not exist.

Hmm, at <> they say, that "Entity references to both internal and 
external entities are expanded." Would that mean, that my xpath should return 2 (for two text nodes)? E.g. 
expand the references and merge the second one with a preceding text node?

It looks like a grey area on the borders of the specs to me...

  No it's libxml2 conforming to the spec. XML toolkits don't have to
  implement everything according to the data model (like keeping CDATA
sections for example) but they must return consistant XPath output.


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