[xml] Issue with xmlParseInNodeContext and xmlParseCharData()


Since libxml 2.8.0 I have an issue when I use xmlParseInNodeContext(). During the parsing, it goes through the xmlParseCharData() function where following test has been added compared to libxml 2.7.2. And this test makes my parsing fail. For instance, the node I parse is <a><b>data</b><c>other</c></a> and in both libxml versions the ctxt->instate value is always XML_PARSER_START, but with that test since libxml 2.8.0, an error is raised when parsing the first text node.

Shouldn't the ctxt->instate value be set to XML_PARSER_CONTENT when starting to parse the content from xmlParseInNodeContext() ? Or can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong or maybe why that test has been added ?

File parser.c at line 4321 :

                /* something really bad happened in the SAX callback */
                if (ctxt->instate != XML_PARSER_CONTENT)


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