Re: [xml] OS/400 implementation

Hi Daniel,

Sorry that it took me so long to perform the requested actions for this
project: I've been overloaded with work these last 3 months, I

I've just set up a github repository for libxml2 on OS/400:

Please note the os400 branch!

It is based on the latest libxml2 gnome repository state, and my
contributions are split in different commits :-)

- All new files have an author. I leave the copyright to you since you
are the project leader (MIT-like license is OK for me).
- I reintroduced changes in NEWS and doc/news.html to avoid the line
join. The next NEWS generation from doc/news.html will be OK, the HTML
output unchanged.
- Compiles and runs perfectly on OS/400.
- Supports ILE/RPG language.
- No change to iconv_t.
- No new change to the existing code base.

Kind regards,

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