Re: [xml] xml:base missing on result from XInclude?


Susanne Oberhauser-Hirschoff <froh suse com> writes:

Daniel, in 2003 you wrote this:

I tried to minimize the addition of xml:base when it could be avoided
in practice (i.e. if the absence of the xml:base would not generate
erroneous URI-References to URI computations). This was a deployment
trade-off that I will fix when XInclude and xml:base will get better


I've provided a patch that makes it an option, and a patch that just
does it as per the test suite.

Either option is ok for me.

I'd appreciate one of them to be considered upstream, so I don't have to
maintain an extra patchset.

The use case is valid debugging information 'which file does this
fragment originate from' using lxml or any other tool based on libxml2.



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