Re: [xml] Global error (xmlLastError) not cleaned up if xmlCleanupParser() is called on a different thread!

On 09.06.2014 16:19, Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 01:27:30PM +0200, Martin Ba wrote:
Hi all!

It would appear that when you have a scenario like this

+ + + +
// Thread 1:
// ...
// anything that sets the last error, e.g.:
xmlReadFile("file isn't there", NULL, XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS);    

// Thread 2:
+ + + +

even if (in Thread_2) you correctly call xmlCleanupParser() (once) at the
very end and don't do anything with libxml2 afterwards, the global error
will be leaked.

(I also tried with the latest Windows binaries I could find -- 2.9.1 -- same

Is this a known problem? Any fix for this?

Note the workaround for me is to call xmlResetLastError() after processing
any error received from libxml, in which case the global last error is
immediately cleaned up.


p.s.: Why would anyone do this?:
* Once scenario is when DLL's are loaded/unloaded dynamically.
* Where I actually hit this is we have a .NET/C# application that loads a
C++ module that contains a global initialization object for libxml2 that
does init and cleanup. In a managed application, destructors of global
objects are not necessarily executed on the same thread as their

   Yes that's a known limitation, and why I suggest to run
xmlInitParser() in the main thread. Also note of the danger of running
xmlCleanupParser() on unloading, as some of the libraries you linked to
(possibly indirectly)  could also run libxml2. So something to do only
in a very controlled context, i have had the case of extension mechanism
are being used, and then those use libxml2 in turn and havoc follows.
   If I were redoing libxml2 now (or had been in last 10 years) there
would be no global state, but with the API as-is and the need to keep
ABI we are stuck with it :-\ mistake done back in 98 ....

Thanks for this info. At least I now know that there isn't much I can do with the current version.

I would like to note a few points:

* In this case, running xmlInitParser() on the main thread doesn't help -- in fact it *is* run on the main thread -- the problem is that unloading potentially happens on a different thread when loaded into a .NET process.
* Yes, the global Init/Cleanup is a problem, I understand.
* I would like to observe that -- for those Windows applications I maintain and know -- ABI compatibility is a non-issue, as the libxml2.dll is part of the app distribution anyway. * For this specific case (error cleanup), I strongly believe that the problem could be corrected without affecting either the API or ABI, but I don't have time to investigate more since the workaround `xmlResetLastError` does work OK for me, as I only make libxml2 calls from C++ wrappers anyway.


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