[xml] RPG / OS400 Bindings Help/Examples?

I'm having a bit of trouble using libxml2 on the IBM i/OS400 in RPG. I know the RPG copybooks/headers (and OS400 support in general) are pretty new, and I know that with the relatively low population of the platform, there's probably only a handful of people on this mailing list who could help.

I managed to get libxml2 compiled & seemingly working properly on the IBM i, but in trying to do what I think is some relatively simple code (an xmlReadFile and then trying to walk through the document via DOM traversal) I don't seem to be making much headway, and I was wondering if there are perhaps some general tips or maybe any RPG code that's available using libxml2. I've used libxml2 bindings before in other languages, but RPG has many significant differences from most of those languages and despite extensive review of the libxml2 documentation, I've been unable to convert the documentation into something that resembles the RPG headers that were included, just due to how different RPG is from C.

Ideally, I'm looking for an RPG version of this example code - http://www.xmlsoft.org/examples/xpath1.c - I think if I could get that, I'd have a much better understanding of how the RPG headers translate, as the language doesn't support constructs like "nodes->nodeTab[i]->type".

Realistically, I'd take any help at all. I'm kind of pulling out my hair here - I really wish that when OS400 patches were merged in a few months ago, at least one code example demonstrating the usage of the RPG-specific header files had been included.

Thanks in advance and my apologies if I'm asking too much, or if this is entirely the wrong place for this question.

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