[xml] Cannot access parsed values returned by xmlSchemaValidatePredefinedType()

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We are using libxml2 (version 2.9.1) to validate XML files according to an XML schema. The XML schema makes use of XML schema data types such as xs:float and hence we need to parse strings that adhere to the XML schema data type specification. I noticed that xmlschemastypes.c already implements this validation and makes it accessible via xmlSchemaValidatePredefinedType(). While this function returns a xmlSchemaValPtr pointer to the parsed data, it seems that the definition of the _xmlSchemaVal structure is hidden in the C file and cannot be accessed by clients of the library. Has this interface been intended? I propose to move the definition of _xmlSchemaVal and all of its depending types (xmlSchemaValDecimal etc.) in the public header file schemasInternals.h.


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