Re: [xml] libXML2 / xmlcatalog and XSD schema import

On 08/29/2013 09:21 AM, kflo-m wrote:
I use xmllint.

Can I use the xmlcatalog feature when my (XSD) schema has import statements?

Correct me If I'm wrong:
in XSD import "LINGO" a
* import/@namespace = publicID
* import/@schemaLocation = systemID


I have now found the catalog system to ignore
 the import/@namespace as a "publicID" for catalog lookup.

If I add import/@schemaLocation I can redirect using a "systemID" instead

Wish I didn't spend 2 weeks googlin' and hammering the pubclicID path for nothing though..

Please add a note regarding XSD+import and xmlcatalog to the docs !


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