[xml] Unable to compile LibXML2 2.9.1 on AIX 64 Bit

Hi All,

I am unable to Compile Libxml2-2.9.1 Source on AIX(6.1) 64 bit machine using
xlC_r compiler. 
Steps: 1. download tar.gz file, then unzip and extract Source. 2. cd to the source directory, and apply +x on configure and install-sh 3. Run Conifigure as below: ./configure --prefix=/LIBXML2 --bindir=/LIBXML2/bin --libdir=/LIBXML2/lib --includedir=/LIBXML2/include --datarootdir=/LIBXML2/share CC=xlC_r CFLAGS=-q64 4. Run make. It continues for some time and then stops at libxml2.la as below: CCLD libxml2.la 0654-210 .libs/SAX.o is not valid in the current object file mode. Use the -X option to specify the desired object mode. . . . ld: 0711-244 ERROR: No csects or exported symbols have been saved. make[2]: *** [libxml2.la] Error 8 make[2]: Leaving directory `/libxml2-2.9.1' make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/libxml2-2.9.1' make: *** [all] Error 2 Please help me about what other options need to be set for AIX 64 bit.


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