[xml] Custom X/HTML parsing

I have a C/C++ based CGI engine that is currently based on htmlcxx as
the parser. I'd like to move to something that is going to be long term
flexible and well maintained. libxml2 seems to be less active than it
once was, so I'm writing to see if it fits the bill or if anyone has any
recommendations. Basically, I need to be able to parse "reasonably well
formatted" html / xml / xhtml, and the tags I'm focusing on are a custom
format like <abc:Label id="foo" text="fsdfsfdfs" arbitrary="abbyzabby"
/> or <abc:BobsYourUncle id="foo" text="fsdfsfdfs"
arbitrary="abbyzabby">sdfsdfsf</abc:BobsYourUncle>. Do you see libxml2
is being good for this purpose (even if it needs modification) and do
you see libxml2 as well maintained and having some longevity?

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