Re: [xml] libxml2 API crazy?

I made a layer of abstraction because there were things I wanted
different that they would not incorporate, because I wanted functions
that did multiple libxml2 functions instead of coding everything by
hand each time, and I wanted protection against change (I have used
this since libxml -- pretty much since the beginning) -- early on
there were changes that required changes to code, and I find it easier
to change my abstraction layer than the hundreds of programs I have
using libxml2.

I'm glad that the layer of abstraction helped you personally, but
libxml2 really needs to be usable as-is and the GObject wrappers (GXml,
etc.) should just be trivial things. If wrappers are made but the
libxml2 itself is kept in this current insane state, it'll just become
more and more entangled, so no one will step up to maintain it if the
current maintainer leaves and it will die. XML is the most important
data format in the world, in fact, the official data format of planet
Earth, if GNOME is to survive, it should better have a well-documented,
maintainable and sane XML API. Without an  XML API usable by normal
people who value their time, GNOME will surely die.

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