Re: [xml] XPath on a subtree

On Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 02:10:42PM +0000, Alex Bligh wrote:

On 23 Mar 2013, at 13:54, Daniel Veillard wrote:

 I though I had added a macro but searched for it an no it's not there.
In the python bindings there is an extra function called


That was what I was thinking of, but ...

xmlXPathNodeEval(xmlNodePtr node, const xmlChar *str, xmlXPathContextPtr ctx)

as a simple wrapper around xmlXPathEval

... that would be equally useful.

  Do you mind doing a patch ? :-)

actually it's good to set the doc too at that point before reusing
the context in the loop.

     ctxt->doc = doc;

Isn't the doc set when you create the context? xmlXPathNewContext takes
a doc ptr.

  yes but it's better to have the node and the doc in sync. Some XPath
evaluation may reset the doc (from libxslt, probably impossible in
practice from libxml2).


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