Re: [xml] How to retrieve filename from xmlTextWriter

Hi Alex,
thank you for the tip.
Unfortunately, while good suggestion, it is not feasible on my case because:
 - the data file is compressed (and it is large), I use only ~10% of the data, searching in such a file is cumbersome (export to XML is precisely the point).
 - the data file from which I extract may be gone/updated by the time the extracted blobs are used.

I solved the problem by using a global variable that contains the URI.
This way I don't need to change the parameter passing across hundreds of classes that don't even use it; I can use the 'extern' var directly where needed.

Thanks again!

Best regards: Zoltán Ördögh

On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 6:08 AM, Alex Bligh <alex alex org uk> wrote:
> So, I thought I'd export these blocks 'as-is', into binary format, as a separate file, right next to the XML file and store the location on the binary file into the XML instead.

Why not just store an SHA256 hash of the blob? Then you can use any blob store to find it by key.

Alex Bligh

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