[xml] Old bug in xmlSchemaValidateOneElement function

Recently I have run into the very same problem Tiberius Duluman did back in Wed, 13 May 2009 15:56:55 +0300 ([xml] Bug in xmlSchemaValidateOneElement function). Now I can proof now that his problem is a valid problem. I checked the latest available version of xmlschemas.c (2.9.0.) and the problem is still there!
I think I'v found a solution to the problem which I'd like proof with you:
My quick solution to the problem is to replace line 27849 in xmlschemas.c (v2.9.0.) in function xmlSchemaVDocWalk
    valRoot = xmlDocGetRootElement(vctxt->doc);
with this one:
    valRoot = vctxt->validationRoot ? vctxt->validationRoot : xmlDocGetRootElement(vctxt->doc);
Currently I'm using version 2.7.8. in Windows and this change seems to solve the problem.
Would you be so kind the certify if this change is OK and will not harm something I do not see.
    Laszlo Csaba

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