[xml] Thread-safety of LibXML2

Hello Daniel Veillard,
First of all I appreciate your work for LibXML.
I read XML and found thread-safety issue in xmlCleanupParser() funtion. 
WARNING: if your application is multithreaded or has plugin support
 *          calling this may crash the application if another thread or
 *          a plugin is still using libxml2. It's sometimes very hard to
 *          guess if libxml2 is in use in the application, some libraries
 *          or plugins may use it without notice. In case of doubt abstain
 *          from calling this function or do it just before calling exit()
 *          to avoid leak reports from valgrind !
To avoid such scenarios, I have Implemented reference counting technique to make Libxml2 thread-safe.
I have raised a bug (along with patch) on bugzilla.  (https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=704439)
Please review my patch. I have also attached a sample test case also.
I hope to see my patch in upcoming XML releases.


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