[xml] [PATCH] Python bindings: DOM casts everything to xmlNode

Hi libxml developers,


[BTW, is this list alive?]


I noticed another issue with Python bindings of libxml: the access methods do not cast the pointers to specific classes such as xmlDtd, xmlEntityDecl, etc. For example, with the following document:


<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE root [<!ELEMENT root EMPTY>]>



the following script:


import libxml2

doc = libxml2.readFile("c.xml", None, libxml2.XML_PARSE_DTDLOAD)

print repr(doc.children)




<xmlNode (root) object at 0xb74963ec>


With properly cast nodes, it outputs the following:


<xmlDtd (root) object at 0xb746352c>


The latter object (xmlDtd) enables one to use DTD-specific methods such as debugDumpDTD(), copyDTD(), and so on.


Patch attached.




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