Re: [xml] Regarding Adding namespace prefix to the Root Element


I want to generate a XML like the following , In this example root element Envelope having
namespace prefix as "S11" . How to add the namespace prefix to the Root Element. In my code below
I have simply given Root element name as "S11:Envelope", I know it is wrong, Please let me know
the correct way to do it.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<S11:Envelope xmlns:S11="..." xmlns:wsu="..." xmlns:wsse="..." xmlns:xenc="..." xmlns:wst="...">

I do not see anything wrong in your XML file, you do indeed need to declare the namespace and use it in the 
same element, so :

<S11:Envelope xmlns:S11="..." ...>

is right.


    doc = xmlNewDoc(BAD_CAST "1.0");
     root = xmlNewNode(NULL, BAD_CAST "S11:Envelope");
    ns = xmlNewNs(root,"...","S11");

I have never used namespaces programmatically like this, but I do not think this is how it should be done, 
the namespace prefix should not be provided in the element name. Have you tried this?

doc = xmlNewDoc(BAD_CAST "1.0");
root = xmlNewNode(NULL, BAD_CAST "Envelope");
ns = xmlNewNs(root,"...","S11");
xmlSetNs(root, ns);


    ns1 = xmlNewNs(root,"...","wsu");
    ns2 = xmlNewNs(root,"...","wsse");
    ns3 = xmlNewNs(root,"...","xenc");
    ns4 = xmlNewNs(root,"...","wst");

    /* Create some nodes */
    node = xmlNewChild(root, ns, BAD_CAST "Header", NULL);
    node1 = xmlNewChild(node, ns2, BAD_CAST "Security", NULL);
    node2 = xmlNewChild(node1, ns2, BAD_CAST "UsernameToken", NULL);
    xmlNewChild(node2, ns2, BAD_CAST "Username", "appx_username");
    xmlNewChild(node2, ns2, BAD_CAST "Password", "password");

    xmlDocSetRootElement(doc, root);

     /* Dump the document to a buffer and print it for demonstration purposes. */
    xmlDocDumpFormatMemory(doc, &xmlbuff, &buffersize, 1);
    xml = (char*)xmlbuff;
    printf("\nThe created document:\n%s\n",xml);


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