[xml] thread saftey and xmlXPathEvalExpression

I have the following multi thread related problem.

xmlParserCtxtPtr globalContext = xmlSchemaValidCtxtGetParserCtxt(ctxt);

xPathObjectPtr foos = xmlXPathEvalExpression ("foo", globalContext);
//read all the foos
(sorry I dont have the actual code here)

The program makes a lot of new threads and some of these segfault if there are to many of them. So e.g. when I create 50 threads, approx. 10 of them segfault - the rest don't.

I first thought, I could fix this by using a globalDocPtr instead of context and create a new context in each thread - but this will lead to the segfaults.

I could reduce the problem to the xmlXPathEvalExpression call (since if I return before, everything wents fine). Did I use the API wrong or what is the problem (at least as you can say based on the piece of code)?


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