Re: [xml] XML Entities encoding question

* Fred wrote:
I apparently fail to understand something about how char encodings work at
the intersection of XML and Oracle.

If I send:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="WINDOWS-1252"?>

the two accented characters are each transformed into 0xBF. (with exactly
the same result if it's 8859-1 instead of WINDOWS-1252.)

however, if I send:

<LAST_NAME>BOLA&#x00c3; &#x00c9;OS</LAST_NAME>

I get the desired result.

The interpretation of numeric character references, the latter case, is
independent of the character encoding scheme. That would explain why you
see a difference between the two cases, except that C3 in Windows-1252
is U+00C3, same as &#x00C3;, so I would suspect that you have analysed
your problem incorrectly.
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