Re: [xml] libxml2 API crazy?

On Mon, 2013-04-29 at 21:26 +0400, Nikita Churaev wrote:
OK, so this is really guaranteed by the standard, good. But how libxml2
uses that is still insane.

The libxml API has been... rather widely used... for more than a

Your mail described some of your expectations when coming to libxml2 for
the first time but didn't ask any questions.  If the answer you are
expecting is "oh, sorry, you're right, we'll change both the ABI and the
API now and break everything" I'm not sure this is a good time to do
that :-)

If there were to be a libxml3 it would be a time to try and think about
reworking it to support XSLT 3 and XPath 3 but I don't see that
happening, no-one has the time.

If you're wondering about the documentation, and it's available for your
operating environment, the devhelp program has the libxml2 documentation
neatly indexed.

OK, that's more than enough guessing on my part :-)


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