Re: [xml] Build failure on darwin

Daniel Macks wrote:
While trying to update fink's libxml2 package to 2.9.0, I got a build failure on OS X 10.6. Same results in both 32-bit mode and 64-bit 
mode ("gcc" is an alias/wrapper that pushes "-arch i386" or "-arch x86_64")...


I note a issue in same area patched in repository.
Could you try ?

threads.c: In function 'xmlCleanupThreads':
threads.c:918: error: expected expression before '{' token

I captured the preprocessed source, and here's that function:

     if ((libxml_is_threaded) && (pthread_key_delete != ((void *)0)))
     once_control = {0x30B1BCBA, {0}};

Earlier in the preprocessed source is:

static pthread_once_t once_control = {0x30B1BCBA, {0}};

so the variable is seems to be defined without error using the same eventual syntax (the macro-expansions 
aren't acting badly).



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