Re: [xml] [PATCH] Server side includes (again)

Following Daniel's message about a new release, I would like to bump the issue/patch I raised earlier this 
month for consideration.

Thank you,
Romain Bondue

I recently came up with an issue that prevented the generation of server side includes.
Daniel Veillard wrote a patch in version 2.9.0 to help resolve this:

The issue was that too much escaping was performed when generating html attributes, so it was disabled 
within the strings "<!--" and "-->".
Moreover, html attribute values may also be URI escaped, so escaping was also disabled for the characters 
'<' and '>'.

Unfortunately, some characters required by SSIs may still be URI encoded, mainly spaces.
This is an oversight of my part, because they was no space in the example I came up with, sorry :( .

Since we obviously cannot disable URI escaping for spaces, here is a patch that disable it within SSIs 
("<!--" and "-->"), just like Daniel's previous patches (and unlike the patch I initially contributed!).

./xsltproc xsl xsl

Before (v2.9.0):

 onMouseUp="&{My script};">link</a>


<a href="<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/example.cgi?argument=value"-->/dir%20with%20spaces/<!--#if 
expr="($a = test1) && ($b = test2)" -->/dir'with%22quotes/yet%20another%20dir%20with%20spaces/<!--#echo 
var='STATIC_SERVER_B'-->/page.html" onMouseUp="&{My script};">link</a>

As you can see, no escaping is performed at all, which may result in badly formed html: in this example, 
the double quotes within the SSIs are not escaped, even if it is the attribute value delimiter, and 
ampersand are preserved, apache is handling this just fine though.
Outside the 3 SSIs, the double quote is properly replaced by %22, like before.
All regression tests are ok.

Thank you for your work and time,


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