[xml] missing SAX1 support without giving --without-sax1


not sure what is happening here. I'm getting following during 2.9.0 build on S11.1:

  CCLD   xmllint
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
docbSAXParseDoc                     ./.libs/libxml2.so
docbParseFile                       ./.libs/libxml2.so
docbParseDocument                   ./.libs/libxml2.so
xmlSaveNoEmptyTagsThrDef            ./.libs/libxml2.so
xmlXPathNZERO                       ./.libs/libxml2.so
xmlUnicodeCatTbl                    ./.libs/libxml2.so
xmlNanoHTTPFetchContent             ./.libs/libxml2.so
docbEncodeEntities                  ./.libs/libxml2.so
docbFreeParserCtxt                  ./.libs/libxml2.so
xmlUnicodeBlockTbl                  ./.libs/libxml2.so
docbCreatePushParserCtxt            ./.libs/libxml2.so
docbCreateFileParserCtxt            ./.libs/libxml2.so
docbParseChunk                      ./.libs/libxml2.so
docbParseDoc                        ./.libs/libxml2.so
docbSAXParseFile                    ./.libs/libxml2.so
ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors. No output written to .libs/xmllint

At least first one seems to be because configure sets WITH_SAX1_SOURCES_TRUE to '#'.

And this is because WITH_TRIO is not '1'. While it seems that it's '1' just for HP something systems.

So I'm confused.

Any idea?



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