[xml] white spaceTEXT node


Is there a way to skip the formatting white spaces when parsing XML file into internal doc?

Those white spaces become text nodes.

xml file:


xmllint --debug shows:

   ELEMENT address-group-list
      TEXT compact
      ELEMENT address-group

Node dump:

{_private = 0x19141f68, type = XML_TEXT_NODE, name = 0x281cdd70 "text",
  children = 0x0, last = 0x0, parent = 0x80779b0, next = 0x8077a58,
  prev = 0x0, doc = 0x805c1b8, ns = 0x0, content = 0x8077a48 "\n      ",
  properties = 0x0, nsDef = 0x0, psvi = 0x0, line = 503, extra = 0}


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