[xml] unify use of redefined {v}snprintf

Hi All,

Please test updates related to unification of redefinition of {v}snprintf.
Attached patches are against current master branch:
- 0001-minimize-use-of-HAVE_CONFIG_H-as-build-process-for-s.patch
The patch remove #Ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H left only in regression test binaries.

- 0002-clean-redefinition-of-v-snprintf-in-C-source-as-thos.patch
Clean redefinition of {v}snprintf in C-source. This patch require above patch

Please could you test with MSC (Visual Studio):
- 2010 (own project build files )
- 2008 (custom makefile and configuration)
- earlier


Attachment: 0001-minimize-use-of-HAVE_CONFIG_H-as-build-process-for-s.patch
Description: Text Data

Attachment: 0002-clean-redefinition-of-v-snprintf-in-C-source-as-thos.patch
Description: Text Data

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