Re: [xml] Release candidate 1 of libxml2 2.8.0

  I finally managed to go though all the patches which accumulated in
Gnome bugzilla and do the various necessary cleanups to try to get a
release. There is however *many* changes, especially on the portability
side which I just can't test myself (including many changes on various
Windows toolchains). So I just made a release candidate of 2.8.0

Win7 32bit using a msys/mingw-w64 toolchain with gcc 4.7.1.

sh -c "./configure --prefix=$PWD/build --with-zlib=C:/devlibs/zlib-1.2.7 --without-iconv --without-docbook"

Testing xpath : 30 of 38 functions ...
Testing xpathInternals : 106 of 117 functions ...
Testing xpointer : 17 of 21 functions ...
Total: 1160 functions, 291374 tests, 0 errors


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