Re: [xml] Release candidate 1 of libxml2 2.8.0

Daniel Veillard schrieb am 16.05.2012 um 17:04 (+0800):
On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 12:16:43AM +0200, Michael Ludwig wrote:
cygwin               1.7.13-1       OK

Built using gcc (GCC) 4.5.3, installed before testing.

Total 2326 tests, 11 errors, 0 leaks
-> All of these errors are for ebcdic_*.xml, so I guess that's okay.

  I would guess the ebcdic encoding support is limited, it would be
interesting to just try out for example 
   xmllint --encode UTF-8 test/ebcdic_566012.xml
and see if it outputs something okay or an error

Output on a latin1 terminal:

test/ebcdic_566012.xml:1: parser error : encoding not supported EBCDIC
LoÂââ ÂââÂâââ~ÃKÃ@ââÆâââââ~ÃÃÃ`ÃÃÃà on%LÂâÂÂ@ÂÂÂâ~JÃZ an%
test/ebcdic_566012.xml:1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not
LoÂââ ÂââÂâââ~ÃKÃ@ââÆâââââ~ÃÃÃ`ÃÃÃà on%LÂâÂÂ@ÂÂÂâ~JÃZ an%

And it isn't any prettier on a UTF-8 terminal. I think it doesn't matter
because perl on Cygwin doesn't have EBCDIC either, so why should libxml?

$ perl -MEncode -lwe 'print for Encode->encodings(":all")' | wc -l
$ perl -MEncode -lwe 'print for Encode->encodings(":all")' | grep -i ebc
$ # nothing


This tests gets firewalled by the W3.ORG servers, I checked using
netstat. So I interrupted it. The source file testapi.c is huge.
Is there an easy way to instruct the program not to go the W3.ORG
servers like with xmllint --nonet?

  Hum, that's weird, the only thing I can think of is doing vaidity
  testing of XHTML which may load the DTDs, I have a local cache because
the XHTML1 DTDs are loaded in the XML catalog on my machines. I'm
surprizer because I sometimes run "make check" on machines without
any IP connection.

Going to check later whether I can get the catalogue to work.

./runxmlconf.exe -

I didn't run this test suite. Would it matter running it on Cygwin?

  it's a good thing to run runxmlconf but here it just relies on
2 tarballs installed under the xstc directory:
  xsts-2002-01-16.tar.gz and xsts-2004-01-14.tar.gz
I guess the later is actually used and extracted as a Tests/ subtree
under xstc. If needed I can put those 2 tarballs somewhere on (and maybe change the test to load from there)

Okay. I skipped the W3C test for pure laziness, fearing it was humungous
and difficult. - Okay, so I downloaded it, it's not humungous. On the
other hand, it's not clear to me what I'm supposed to do here. There's
no README for dummies like me. :)


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