Re: [xml] [PATCH] Various "make distcheck" and portability fixups

Attached is an updated version of the patch I mailed in on March 14. As
before, it applies against current git master.

Below is the updated walk-through. For brevity's sake, only the first of
multiple instances of the same change is described.

I'll be happy to rework the patch as needed to get it in.

* Don't use @VAR@, use $(VAR). Autoconf's AC_SUBST provides us the Make
  variable, it allows overriding the value at the command line, and
  (notably) it avoids a Make parse error in the libxml2_la_LDFLAGS
  assignment when @MODULE_PLATFORM_LIBS@ is empty

* Changed how the THREADS_W32 mechanism switches the build between
  testThreads.c and testThreadsWin32.c as appropriate; using AM_CONDITIONAL
  allows this to work cleanly and plays well with dependencies

* testapi.c should be specified as BUILT_SOURCES

* Create symlinks to the test/ and result/ subdirs so that the runtests
  target is usable in out-of-source-tree builds

* Don't do MAKEFLAGS+=--silent as this is not portable to non-GNU Makes

* Fixed incorrect find(1) syntax in the "cleanup" rule, and doing "rm -f"
  instead of just "rm" is good form

* (DIST)CLEANFILES needed a bit more coverage to allow "make distcheck" to

* Need AC_PROG_LN_S to create test/ and result/ symlinks in

* AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL and AM_PROG_LIBTOOL are obsolete; these have been
  superceded by LT_INIT

* Don't rebuild docs by default, as this requires GNU Make (as

* Check for uint32_t as some platforms don't provide it

* Check for some more functions, and undefine HAVE_MMAP if we don't also
  HAVE_MUNMAP (one system I tested on actually needed this)

* Changed THREADS_W32 from a filename insert into an Automake conditional

* The "Copyright" file will not be in the current directory if builddir !=


* EXTRA_DIST cannot use wildcards when they refer to generated files; this
  breaks dependencies. What I did was define EXTRA_DIST_wc, which uses GNU
  Make $(wildcard) directives to build up a list of files, and EXTRA_DIST,
  as a literal expansion of EXTRA_DIST_wc. I also added a new rule,
  "check-extra-dist", to simplify checking that the two variables are
  equivalent. (Note that this works only when builddir == srcdir)

  (I can implement this differently if desired; this is just one way of
  doing it)

* Don't define an "all" target; this steps on Automake's toes

* Fixed up the "libxml2-api.xml ..." rule by using $(wildcard) for
  dependencies (as Make doesn't process the wildcards otherwise) and
  qualifying appropriate files with $(srcdir)

  (Note that $(srcdir) is not needed in the dependencies, thanks to VPATH,
  which we can count on as this is GNU-Make-only code anyway)


* Qualified appropriate files with $(srcdir)

* Added an "uninstall-local" rule so that "make distcheck" passes


* Rather than use a wildcard that doesn't work, use a substitution that
  most Make programs can handle


* Do the same here


* Some platforms (e.g. MSVC 6) already #define INVALID_SOCKET:

        user host:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/VC98/\
   Include$ grep -R INVALID_SOCKET .
        ./WINSOCK.H:#define INVALID_SOCKET  (SOCKET)(~0)
        ./WINSOCK2.H:#define INVALID_SOCKET  (SOCKET)(~0)


* Support ancient GCCs (I was actually able to build the library with 2.5
  but for this bit)


* Expanded CLEANFILES to allow "make distcheck" to pass


* Define CLEANFILES instead of a "clean" rule, and added tmp.xml to allow
  "make distcheck" to pass


* Use HAVE_MMAP instead of the less explicit HAVE_SYS_MMAN_H (as some
  systems have the header but not the function)


* Use HAVE_MMAP instead of the less explicit HAVE_SYS_MMAN_H


* Don't use putenv() if it's not available


* This fixes the following build error on Solaris 8:

        libtool: compile:  cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I./include -I./include \
        -D_REENTRANT -D__EXTENSIONS__ -D_REENTRANT -Dsparc -Xa -mt -v \
        -xarch=v9 -xcrossfile -xO5 -c threads.c  -KPIC -DPIC -o threads.o
        "threads.c", line 442: controlling expressions must have scalar type
        "threads.c", line 512: controlling expressions must have scalar type
        cc: acomp failed for threads.c
        *** Error code 1


* Define isascii() if the system doesn't provide it


* The trio library's HAVE_CONFIG_H header is not the same as LibXML2's
  HAVE_CONFIG_H header; this change is needed to avoid a double-inclusion


* Added support for the LZMA compression option


* Added appropriate bits to support WITH_LZMA=1

* Install the header files under $(INCPREFIX)\libxml2\libxml instead of
  $(INCPREFIX)\libxml, to mirror the install location on Unix+Autotools

* @MODULE_PLATFORM_LIBS@ (usually "-ldl") needs to be in there in order for
  `xml2-config --libs` to provide a complete set of dependencies


* Use HAVE_MMAP instead of the less explicit HAVE_SYS_MMAN_H


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Hello list,

I am making use of LibXML2 across a number of Unix and
Windows platforms, and have a slew of fixes to contribute.
The attached patch is against git master.

Daniel Richard G. || danielg teragram com || Software Developer
Teragram Linguistic Technologies (a division of SAS)

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