[xml] xmlNodeDump performance



I am new to libxml and XML itself.  We are using version 2.7.7.


I am looking into performance issue related to xmlNodeDump of entire tree.

The size of XML file is about 20 MB and it takes about 60+ seconds with xmlNodeDump.


Oprofiling showed memcpy as the hit.


The xmlBufferResize takes MINLEN increments and that is defined as 4000 in xmlIO.c

When MINLEN is changed to 400,000 to see the effect, the time taken is changed to about 1 sec from 60+ seconds.


When MINLEN is changed to 40000, time taken is changed to 7 seconds.


Is this something needs to be tuned properly to support large XML files?

If so, any good suggestions?



Chang Im | Software Engineer

WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.


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