[xml] xmllint DTD troubles

Hi list,

I have a problem running xmllint on Linux as well as Windows.

We're trying to validate XHTML documents using the following syntax:

xmllint --noout --dtdvalid /etc/xml/xhtml/xhtml1-transitional.dtd <filename>

This works - kind of: If I omit the path to the DTD, xmllint complains that it cannot find the DTD. When I include the path as above, it does not complain. The XML catalog file is correct, I'm sure - but I need the reference as not all of our XHTML files includes a proper reference to the DTD.

xmllint does not, however, load the external references in the standard DTD: For the standard W3C, you have three external files defining various entities such as &nbsp;.

This means that linting fails for all files that includes one or more of the legal entities.

I've tried searching the net for hours to find a solution, but this one beats me: How can I make xmllint work using the standard W3C DTDs?


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