Re: [xml] traversing xmlSchema

On 06Jun12 06:51, Callum Gibson wrote:
}On 05Jun12 14:33, John Davis wrote:
}}Is it possible to do a traversal of the internal xmlSchema structure
}}generated by xmlSchemaParse to output information about the xmlDoc such as
}}node values and types? If so, does anybody have any sample code for
}}something like this I could take a look at please?
}Depending on what you want to do, that will probably be quite a lot of code
}and not particularly straight forward. If you take a look at
}you can see some code that does (hopefully) way more than what you want
}but it may give you some ideas in what's involved and what some of the
}internal structures mean.

Another thought I just had, if you just want to match up a doc to it's
definition in the schema, try looking at what xmllint (part of the libxml2
distribution) does when run with the --schema option.



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