Re: [xml] Support for really large XML documents

Stefan Behnel wrote on 06/02/2012 12:25:17 PM:
> I don't see the link here. C14N can be output to a (temp) file just as
> well, and the input can be streamed back afterwards in order to encrypt or
> sign it (or whatever). It may really not be an easy fix, as the author
> said, but I don't see it being impossible.

I don't dispute your solution, but I'm no friend with the author of XMLSec a will hardly pursue him to do that :) And I want to use the tool. Right now I'm content with the hack I mention in the previous post, but I still think that's ugly.

I don't understand libxml2 code that much to say that using an intermediate file will solve it. What seemed to me is, that the int buffer counter I mentioned before is file-specific, thus it would overflow after 2GB write whether the destination is memory or a file. Nobody has disproved this yet, so are you sure I understand it wrong?

Staying with the topic - is it possible for you to write a simple test to write some >2GB file with libxml2 the way it should be properly done (what is it anyway?) and check that 'xmlOutputBufferClose() ' returns a positive number? That should probably prove it.


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