Re: [xml] Is ignoring namespace and DTDs an xmllint or libxml2 problem?

Thomas Gagne schrieb am 06.01.2012 um 11:47 (-0500):
I'm unclear how I can reformat the file

   tgagne ubuntu:~/tmp$ cat a.xml

without getting the errors

   tgagne ubuntu:~/tmp$ xmllint --format --recover a.xml
   a.xml:1: namespace error : Namespace prefix ns on a is not defined

Is it a problem with xmllint or libxml2?

These days most would say it's a problem with your XML, which is not

Then, my copy of xmllint (Windows, 20707) reformats the doc alright, it
just also emits the warning you're seeing and, significantly, drops the
part of the name before the colon.

You'd need a parser configuration that has namespaces switched off. That
should be available as "xmllint --sax1" (the old SAX 1 didn't know about
namespaces), but even then xmllint emits the warning and drops the part
before the colon, which I think is a bug.

Michael Ludwig

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