Re: [xml] [Patch] Optimizing '//' in XPath expressions

On Fri, 2012-08-24 at 12:21 +0800, Daniel Veillard wrote:
I suspect it's just the top of the iceberg, there is a number of other
post-compilation optimization which can certainly be made, but with
less drastic improvements.

Mike Kay has spoken at I think XML Prague and/or Balisage about the
optimizations in Saxon; from my imperfect memory :) they include
building an element index during parsing, expression rewriting, and
using a bytecode interpreter.

There have been papers on XPath optimization in the context of XQuery,
some of which may also apply (e.g. at VLDB).

I think a lot of stylesheet writers have learned to avoid //x even in
implementations where it's basically O(1) these days. But it's still
worth speeding up :-)


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