Re: [xml] node->children or node->next, pointer to a "text" node.

On 8/19/2012 5:37, rory wrote:
I use xmlPareFile function to read a xml file, then I print the root node name, it works ok, but after excute  currentnode = currennode->children sentence, I re-print node , it display "text", what's the reason for this issue, and how can I solve it.

See item #4 in the developer FAQ:

"In XML all characters in the content of the document are significant including blanks and formatting line breaks.

The extra nodes you are wondering about are just that, text nodes with the formatting spaces which are part of the document but that people tend to forget. There is a function xmlKeepBlanksDefault () to remove those at parse time, but that's an heuristic, and its use should be limited to cases where you are certain there is no mixed-content in the document."


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