Re: [xml] Bug when installing PHP with libxml2-2.9.0?

Thanks for posting. The issue was brought up earlier this week and will be taken care I in future php 


On Aug 7, 2012, at 8:08 PM, Richard Taubo <ort bergersen no> wrote:


For testing I have been installing the following libxml libraries:
   - libxml2-2.7.8
   - libxml2-2.8.0
   - libxml2-2.9.0
These have been installed separately using:
[#] ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/LIBXML2
[#] make
[#] make install

When installing php 5.4.5 from source, I don't have any problems
compiling php 5.4.5 as long as I use either libxml2-2.7.8 or libxml2-2.8.0
BUT when i compile php 5.4.5. with libxml2-2.9.0, I get an error and PHP 5.4.5 won't
PHP 5.4.5 is compiled like this:
[#] ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/php --with-libxml-dir=/usr/local/LIBXML2
   (for clarity skipping other libraries that I also use).

[#] make

Then I get the following error message before the make command exits:
   /usr/local/src/php_sources/php-5.4.5/ext/dom/node.c: In function âdom_canonicalizationâ:
   /usr/local/src/php_sources/php-5.4.5/ext/dom/node.c:1898: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
   /usr/local/src/php_sources/php-5.4.5/ext/dom/node.c:1900: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
   make: *** [ext/dom/node.lo] Error 1

When the version in /usr/local/LIBXML2 is either libxml2-2.7.8 or libxml2-2.8.0
I don't get this error.

I am not very familiar with libxml2, but its seems to be a bug or misconfiguration
in libxml2-2.9.0 as PHP compiles fine with both libxml2-2.7.8 and libxml2-2.8.0,
but not libxml2-2.9.0.

Can someone confirm this, or is this something that should be posted to the PHP list instead?

Thanks for your time!

Best regards,
Richard Taubo
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