Re: [xml] xmlAddChild question

On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 08:52:06AM -0500, Bruce Sinclair wrote:

Thanks, but I think you omitted a special case.  My memory leak
was caused when I used xmlChildNode to add an empty text node.
The xmlChildNode function succeeded (non-null returned) but the text

  You mean xmlAddChild() right ? that's what we talked about and
there is no xmlChildNode() function ?!?

node was neither freed nor linked into the tree.  This lost 109 bytes
per occurrence and was inside a large document with many empty text
nodes being constructed multiple times (the document was freed before
constructing another).  Eventually, the leak overwhelmed the memory
manager.  I fixed the leak by testing for an empty text node and not
attempting to add it as a child.  I was just curious if this was a bug
or my lack of understanding of xmlChildNode.  You explanation helps,
but did not address the addition of an empty text node.

  That sounds like a bug, but I really don't see how that could happen.
Actually none of the code of xmlAddChild check for a null content of a
text none. Either it appends cur->content to existing content and free
cur unconditionally or it adds the children to the list.
  Are you sure it's the right function ?


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