[xml] way to form my own error message with error data

Hi, i'm using xmlSetStructuredErrorFunc() to set my error message handler function. In my function i have access to xmlError strucure of an error. Is there any way to get such information for my own error message like "element name", "attribute name" and "value of the attribute" in case i'm validating XML document against XSD schema? I supposed that information i need is available via str1,str2 and str3 fileds of xmlError structure being passed to my handler function, but it is not.

For example in my case "message" field of xmlError structure holds error message alike:
"Element 'elementName', attribute 'attrubuteName': 'attrubuteValue' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'typeName'." So my question is - may i get 'elementName', 'attrubuteValue' etc like fields of some structure inside my error message handler to form my own error message string.
Thanks in advance, Oleg

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