Re: [xml] #text element between nodes

Hi Rob,
Please keep it on the list so others might profit.

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 4:51 PM, Rob Eisink  wrote:
Hi Csaba,

thats indeed what I'm doing, I'm only interested in start element,
end_element and so on.
I skip the white sapce elements but I was wondering why thet did apear.
Thats clear now.

Another questing is that when a start element has a value like <Event
Date=2011 etc and I process
the end_element the value is also the same date. is this a bug?

Don't know; it's possible that the END_ELEMENT node is "connected"
somehow to its corresponding ELEMENT, but I haven't looked at the
libxml2 sources for this.

Why do you think it's a bug? Seems to me you get some free information
for which you'd have to go back to the start element (which you can't
when you're using the reader).

OTOH, END_ELEMENT is not very interesting :) In my code, I never
looked at anything from an END_ELEMENT node, except for Name and
Depth; and only to check that it matches the start element.

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