[xml] A question about parsing/reading DOCTYPE nodes.


I've had the following problem in both PHP and C++, and can't find any relevant information about this. It should be quite simple actually.

I am trying to parse an xml file, and my code works perfectly for all node types except DOCTYPE nodes. But I can't find any information about how to extract the information from it. Here is an example (my goal is to retrieve the strings "PublicIdentifier" and "URIreference"):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE test PUBLIC "PublicIdentifier" "URIreference">

Here is some code that illustrates my approach, using an xmlTextReader:

    while(xmlTextReaderRead(myXmlReader) == 1) {
        // Why does
xmlTextReaderNodeType() return an int and not an enum?
        xmlReaderTypes nodeType = (xmlReaderTypes)xmlTextReaderNodeType(myXmlReader);
        switch(nodeType) {
            case XML_READER_TYPE_ELEMENT:                /* Do something */ break;
            case XML_READER_TYPE_END_ELEMENT:            /* Do something */ break;
            case XML_READER_TYPE_TEXT:                   /* Do something */ break;
            case XML_READER_TYPE_CDATA:                  /* Do something */ break;
            case XML_READER_TYPE_PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION: /* Do something */ break;
            case XML_READER_TYPE_COMMENT:                /* Do something */ break;
            // ...
                // What do I do here?
            } break;

Thank's in advance!

Best regards,


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