Re: [xml] xmllib2 real sample, link not valid

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 04:48:19PM -0400, Jason Viers wrote:
On 9/29/2011 15:19, Rob Eisink wrote:
at the site a refence is made to
the code for the full C parsing example
<>, however this link is not
Can you give me a correct link?

Multiple examples are available at

Furthermore what is the current status of libxml2, is it maintenace mode?

For the most part.  Quoth the fearless leader Daniel Veillard a few
days ago, "the project is mostly in maintainance at this point, i.e.
we do bug fixes and support but not much new code."

  s/fearless/fearfull/ but agreed :-)

BTW thanks to everybody for helping on the list, as clearly I can be
months behind, bear with me !


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