Re: [xml] XML Schema: Validating an instance document with multiple schemas

On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 03:50:37PM -0400, Paul B. Cameron wrote:

Just to be sure I'm clear, this case fails:

1.) xmlReadFile (strPrimarySchemaFile, NULL, XML_PARSE_NONET)

2.) Add targetNamespace to xs:schema node for primary schema, add
<xs:import> nodes for secondary schemas

3.) call xmlSchemaNewDocParserCtxt to create parser context and
xmlSchemaParse to parse the schema (which fails)

  This smells like in doing 2 you missed something with namespaces,
and that as a result when parsing your in-memory tree teh XSD parser
fails to find the namespaces (maybe just the prefix or something.

And this case succeeds:

1.) Call xmlReadFile like before

2.) Add targetNamespace and xs:import's exactly like above

3.) Call xmlDocDumpMemory to dump to a xmlChar buffer, xmlDocFree to free
the original doc, and xmlReadDoc load the dumped buffer back into a DOM

  here after serialization and reparsing the namespaces of the elements
and attributes in the tree are fine, and then everything works as

4.) Call xmlSchemaNewDocParserCtxt and xmlSchemaParse as above (and
ultimately xmlSchemaValidateDoc), which now succeed 

 Triple-check the namespaces pointers and of the new elements/attributes
you added to the tree, not by serializing them but by looing at the
actual ns and nsDef pointers.


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