Re: [xml] correct version of libxml2

Subject: RE: correct version of libxml2


After having removed calls to xmlCleanupParser() to fix the crash on UNIX, we now get this exception on 
Windows while exiting our application. This leads to a crash. If we put the call back in to 
xmlCleanupParser(), the exception and crash go away.

      libxml2.dll!__xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilename(const char * URI=0x148ef090, xmlCharEncoding 
enc=409135704)  Line 2498 + 0x9 bytes     C
        libxml2.dll!xmlDefaultExternalEntityLoader(const char * URL=0x1862ea58, const char * ID=0x00000000, 
_xmlParserCtxt * ctxt=0x148ef090)  Line 3885 + 0x7 bytes    C
        libxml2.dll!xmlLoadExternalEntity(const char * URL=0x1862ea58, const char * ID=0x00000000, 
_xmlParserCtxt * ctxt=0x148ef090)  Line 3945 + 0x11 bytes    C
        libxml2.dll!xmlCreateURLParserCtxt(const char * filename=0x1862ea58, int options=0)  Line 13516 + 
0x17 bytes    C
        libxml2.dll!xmlParseFile(const char * filename=0x0a070418)  Line 13667 + 0x11 bytes     C

Are there situations where we do want to call xmlCleanupParser() on Windows, but not Linux/UNIX? It appears 
the code does different things on Windows than Linux/UNIX.


Thomas Floodeen, Jr.
Mentor Graphics BSD

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On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 03:02:45PM +0000, Floodeenjr, Thomas wrote:

Yes indeed, we seem to be calling xmlCleanupParser() in many places. 
We will get with our engineering teams to investigate removing this 
call from our code. I would imagine that they thought at the time that 
this call was needed, as it appears to have had no ill side effects in 
the 2.6.x versions of libxml2.

  Oh, that call always deallocated all global variables used by libxml2 except that some things which were 
forgotten in the past are now more throroughtly cleaned up. Things like entity definitions for predefined 
entities of XML have always been cleaned up that way for example,
  Calling it while the library or its data were still in use has always been a dangerous thing to do, then 
it's a matter of luck...


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