Re: [xml] XMLReader and distinguish between <a /> and <a></a>

On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 10:58 AM, TomÃÅ PospÃÅil  wrote:
Hello LibXML hackers,

I'm using xmlReader for recursive pre order traversal throught XML tree. Everything works well, but during 
testing I faced problem with distinguish between

 <e1  />
 <e1  ></e1>

both e1 elements are on same level, so I don't know after call xmlTextReaderRead() if isn't XML well formed 
or I have new node on same level.

If xmlTextReaderRead returns 1, then the XML is well formed.

In short I have to know what type element is (short version <a />, or long <a> </a>), how can I 
accomplished that?

For the short version, you'll get a XMLREADER_TYPE_ELEMENT. If you
call xmlReaderIsEmptyElement(), it will return 1. There will be no
For the long version, you'll get a XMLREADER_TYPE_ELEMENT
(xmlReaderIsEmptyElement() will return 0) and later a

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