Re: [xml] Re : Re: Crash on xmlMalloc


Just to close the conversation.
In my first mail I tryed to present all the informations I had.
In my searches on Internet with the word XmlMalloc I found some messages like this one :
That's why i asked : "With a google search I saw some errors with xmlMalloc but not in the same context that mine."
"Problems" should be prefered to the word "errors" in my sentence but I'm french (like you ?) and not so fluent in English.
I thank you first because you answer me and secondly because you give me some responses (like using valgrind even if in my context it was not easy to implement or impossible).
Now I've read your presentation I know that you teach. Don't be too agressive in your response and don't give your response like lessons. May be it's a professional failure but it's hurt me.
I know your are an expert in your domain so you should accept the remarks.

Anyway my problem is solved, in
partly thanks to your help (to have engaged me to pursue my investigations)

Sebastien, the foolish guy

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