Re: [xml] State of schema validation


Von: Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com>

On I read that validation
of schemas is incomplete. Does anybody know what is missing? The most


I think Daniel never changed that line of doc from the beginning on; and I was too chicken shit about 
changing that line. Apparently there are some glitches which rule out some scenarios. The processor did work 
nicely for us at that time, but we didn't use the fancy (the weird) parts of the spec, so those areas might 
be a bit fragile. Don't ask me what that parts where, I don't remember.

Depends on your schemas. If you use things which are relatively
classic, you should be fine, but the Schemas spec has many grey areas.


 Have you tried to *read* it for me
the structure part is mostly undecipherable jargon, just try to
extract from there the semantic of even a very simple schemas, needless
to say if there is a complex question I can't use the spec to try to
get an answer. Suppose you have a problem how am I supposed to handle

LOL, I messed up my english during that period of time. I remember that I had dreams about some lines of text 
and structure in that spec.

I just glimpsed at the spec again. Such a sexy beast...

If libxml2 Schemas support works for you, and this works for many
then fine use it, but if you have a problem, I can make no guarantee
that I will be able to help you. And to know what's missing, one would
need to understand all the spec, impossible for me.
  Sharp contrast with Relax-NG, where at least if there is a problem
I have no question about the semantic, it's "just" a matter of fixing
code (when possible).

  That said when people report obvious problems in XSD support I try to
plug it, if they have a patch that's even better, but in practice it
doesn't happen very often.

After those years, I have an urge to code in C again, although I find it ugly and uncomfortable and 
unproductive and it does hurt a lot in the area where the brain normally resides.

I would also like to see my Delphi Wrapper Code again; so if my ex boss Tom is reading this: gimme the code 
:-) Actually it would help me a lot, because it would serve me as the perfect pool of examples for everything 
about Libxml2/Libxslt.

I'm currently sober, only one petit glass of red wine (yes, yes, good for the heart it turned out to be), so 
I declare herein officially that I would like to provide support for the XML Schema processor.
And yes, I will tell all my girl-friends that I am willing to do so, just to ensure that I won't peek at the 
escape door (this is not meant literally but just reiterating my own silly tips for getting involved with 
Libxml2; see gnome org/msg03022.html).

Just give me some time to figure out how to compile the library on a Linux box and how to use git :-)

By the way: I used Visual Studio five years ago for development; does something comparable (but free) exist 
by now for Linux or Win?

Kind greetings to all the old Libxml2/Libxslt farts - including myself!


Kasimier Buchcik

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