Re: [xml] How to add datatypes

On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 9:08 PM, samaram s  wrote:
I have a doubt :
wchar_t date[10];
wchar_t time[10];

(note: it's not a good idea to give your variable the same name as a
library function)

com1 = xmlNewDocComment(doc, BAD_CAST("Created on Date <date> and Time
<time> "));

I get my date and time in some Variables. I could not able to find how to
add the variable data in the comment?
Is there any %d and %s accepted ?

Yes, but not by libxml :)

wchar_t buffer[50];
wsprintf(buffer, L"Created on Date %s and Time %s ", date, time);

Now you need to convert buffer to UTF-8, because that's what libxml2 uses.

setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "UTF-8");
char buffer_utf8[200]; // 4x the original, just in case
wcstombs(buffer_utf8, buffer, 200 /* max bytes written */);

com1 = xmlNewDocComment(doc, buffer_utf8);

int Val = 01;
xmlNewProp(node, BAD_CAST "Token", BAD_CAST  <Val>);

How can i set the Value in there?

In this case, you can just pass the variable holding Val to xmlNewProp
(again, it should be UTF-8).

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